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Run (2013)

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Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero? No, it's William Moseley in a parkour flick for tweens.

I once tried out for the 100m hurdles and hurt my balls.
At a glance:
Don't think there's been better "movie ambassadors" to parkour than Banlieue 13 (2004) and Yamakasi (2001), so Simone Bartesaghi's indie effort Run (2013) with the folks from Team Tempest is a worth a look-see if you're into this scene. It's supposed to be in 3D too, I think, though I watched me the regular version. What you get is a serviceable little time-waster, starrin William Moseley (English child star from the 2005 Narnia movie) as "hero... thief... traceur", as the taglines will have it. Nope, the man's instantly forgettable.
Bad news on the doorstep:
Unfortunately, Run tends to careen towards Step Up and Streetdance territory, lackin both the urgency and the pedigree to be taken more seriously by a wider audience. I'm not surprised some might even fall asleep watchin the trailer -- it's quite a lethargic little number for a movie about freerunnin! So I'm thinkin the only people who can be remotely excited about this are ) members of the production and distribution team b) parkour fans c) teenage moviegoers who will gobble up anythin with a young cast and a romantic subplot. It was a chore to finish this without some sort of substance abuse, really.
Perennial wonderment:
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Slug parkour. This picture I found off the Internet must be some sort of cryptic review of the movie.
If I were born in a French banlieue, would I have been a traceur? All I can do now is admire all these Luc Besson movies and think of how I'd been chased by people all my life and never made an international movement out of it.
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Kelsey Chow
Reminds me of:
Dance movies for teenagers. Can't believe I've had to watch a few. I think I've only ever enjoyed Honey (2003). Come to think of it, the female lead here looks a bit like Jessica Alba, doesn't she? Too bad she doesn't do much.
Watch out for:
Kelsey Asbill Chow, the Chinese-English looker who appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) but someone like my sister would remember as Gigi from TV's One Tree Hill. She complements the fluff here perfectly.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
I guess what tipped it for me was that the parkour scenes aren't really immersive or fun to watch. Oh, well. Check out the official website and Facebook page for more info. I'm off to bed, fellas.★★
Bonus material:

What a poor promo pic. This review is to help out.

Director Simone Bartesaghi
Adrian Pasdar. This guy was in Near Dark, remember?
Anyway, he won Best Supporting Actor at some awards for this.
I can barely remember his part!
Eric Roberts. Always the Italian mobster in movies.
Kelsey Chow.
Kelsey Chow and William Moseley with director Simone Bartesaghi.
Well, at least everyone seemed to have fun.
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Kelsey Chow looks a bit like Jessica Alba from the back, eh?
Adrian Pasdar, nowhere Near Dark, if you can pardon the pun.
Craig Henningsen and William Moseley on set.
Edoardo Ballerini
Simone Bartesaghi wins Best Screenplay at the Milan International Film Festival.
Run wins Best Screenplay at the Milan International Film Festival.
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