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Tracing Shadow (2009) @ 追影

At a glance:
Rare directorial project from one of HK veteran actor Francis Ng, where we're taken back to the Ming Dynasty and kungfu masters from different regions fight over a peculiar treasure map hidden inside the palace. Within the half-hour mark, the Painted Skin question arises - is this a wuxia comedy, an action movie or an epic mystery? Well, at least we can rule out horror. You can read that the CEO for Beijing-based entertainment conglomerate Huayi Brothers said the film is an affectionate tribute to the martial arts classics of the 70s such as King Hu's Dragon Inn, not that I've seen that.
Bad news on the doorstep:
If annoyin mainlander Xie Na (pic) and Taiwanese model Pace Wu are your cuppa (who the fuck calls themselves Pace?) then you'd find this movie to be of some value for money. Other than that, it's a 94-min start-stop affair.
Perennial wonderment:
That unendin puzzle of a man, Jaycee Chan (pic) in his recent films like The Sun Also Rises, The Drummer and Invisible Target. Granted life is hard when Jackie Chan is your father but this young fella just doesn't endear himself to anyone onscreen. His soft demeanour and poor charisma simply don't make for good viewin.
Watch out for:
Hilarious scene where multiple celebrity lookalikes get together. There's probably five Jackie Chans, Jet Lis, Andy Laus, Richie Rens and Jay Chous - all monkeyin about to good effect. Probably the most entertainin moment in a borin, slow and ineffective movie.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
How about ? You can read that Francis Ng donated the first copy of the film to the China National Film Museum in Beijing, joinin other cinema classics Shaolin Temple, New Longmen Hostelry and the epic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. God only knows why he didn't just float it down the Yangtze.

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