The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Kirsten Dunst as Lux.
At a glance:
Never read the book but this Sofia Coppola sure knows how to choose colours and music for her movie. Isn't she that bucktooth chick who was felt up by Andy Garcia in The Godfather Part III? What's she doin directin movies - and a damned decent debut at that? This melancholic movie is about a group of guys who become obsessed with five mysterious sisters who are sheltered by their draconian Catholic parents, after one of them commits suicide.
Bad news on the doorstep:
There isn't any real social discussion here, just a very engrossin story with some brief reflection.
Perennial wonderment:
The naughty Kirsten Dunst. We all know she can act, even from the Interview With The Vampire days. I'm curious as to what kind of actress would she be when she's much older? Will she be Maggie Smith?
I can't remember if I cried:
To risk a spoiler - when the inevitable happened.
Reminds me of:
Dreamy goth girls who wanna die. Knew a couple in my time. Fakers.
Most memorable line:
A young Josh Hartnett as the hunk-tak-jadi Trip Fontaine: "You're a stone fox."
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Gentle but shockingly disturbin, the poignant yet helplessly repressed flow of this movie is simply great direction. Havin no immediate source of sufferin or injustice (e.g. violence, rape, poverty) makes depression worse, you know. The depressed gets bonus guilt because they know others are worse off. Watchin this flick, I realise I love 70s suburban Americana. But most of all, love the Air OST. A comprehensively maudlin, hypnotic watch. I'm surprised I've seen this more than 30 times and still ain't successfully topped myself.★★★★
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