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Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Alison Lohman gives her all in one of the funnest horror movies in recent times.
At a glance:
This must be the most intense supernatural horror I've seen in a Malaysian cinema since that seat creepily fell on me at GSC 1Borneo's openin in KK last year. Forget Marsha Wathanapitch and her Thai tits in Alone (2007). The closest thing to this level of intensity in recent memory must be that Brit slasher Eden Lake (2008). Story centres on a bank loan officer who refuses an old Romanian gypsy hag an extension, then fallin prey to her choice demon, a goat-like apparition called the Lamia, who takes turns with the old lady to chase her around for the whole show. It's a straightforward story, tinged with peculiar humour. Well done Sam Raimi! This is gonna give me mum at least a week of sleepless nights!
Bad news on the doorstep:
Although Alison Lohman (pic) does alright for this role, I don't think she's matured into the actress I'd fancy since I last saw her prepubescent tits in Matchstick Men (2003). Still, they hardly come any whiter. Hmm... wonder what happened to Jodhi May.
Watch out for:
The brilliant catfight scene in the car park. The outrageous coffin sequence at the wake is also memorable. CGI can be funny in spurts but most of the time effective. By the way, does anyone know the hot actress who plays the old lady's granddaughter?
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Despite the lack of any R-rated delights (unless you count the wet t-shirt in the rainy grave), this is wholesome adult entertainment you can unabashedly enjoy. Put this in the hands of the folks who made Creep Show. Wouldda been a blast. ★★★★
Bonus material:

Lorna Raver in excellent form for Drag Me To Hell (2009).

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