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Mendadak Dangdut (2007)

At a glance:
All you need to make a movie is a gun and a girl - that's what Godard said. Mendadak Dangdut is embarrassingly rudimentary and yet resoundingly satisfyin. While it's guilty of every boo-boo common in those under-financed indie productions, it's amazin to discover that a good story, a handheld camera and some decent actors are all you need to make a movie really.
Watch out for:
My favourite contemporary Indon actress Titi Kamal (pic) and her sidekick Kinaryosih completely ownin the screen in this disarmin little adventure about a spoilt MTV pop-rock starlet and her overworked PR manager sister who get arrested for a crime they didn't commit. On the run, Petris (Titi) disguises herself as a lowly dangdut singer to make some quick money and Yulia (Kinaryosih) helps her through the ordeal. Takin on the stage name Is Maduma (masuk, duduk, mabuk! ) given by the organ player who takes them in (Dwi Sasono), Petris learns the hard way what friendship and family is all about - but not before shakin some good dangdut ass and takin the village by storm.
Most memorable line:
Dwi Sasono said somethin funny about cuttin off knobs.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Four stars, defyin all ratin logic! Hell the Jablai song alone is worth the ticket price. Read that it was the most downloaded ringtone in Indon at some point.
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